Thank you for observing the rules, thus allowing all our campers to have a pleasurable experience!!!

  • You are the Super Dooper Pooper Picker Upper. Deposits must be bagged before placing in the trash bins. Poop bags are sold at the front desk.
  • We do not have a pet size or quantity limit, however, you must be able to maintain control over your “herd” of pets at all times.
  • We welcome all breeds and do not have an “aggressive” breed restriction. However, if your pet is aggressive or uncontrollable, please do not bring your pet here. Any reasonable threat of aggression and you will be asked to leave without refund.
  • Dog bites will be immediately reported.
  • Retractable leashes are allowed, however they must be under your control and not “hitched” with free roam.
  • Pet pens are allowed. Unattended pets outside your camper is not acceptable.
  • Please keep your pet out of other guests campsites.
  • Pets are not allowed in the restrooms or showers.
  • Guests with barking or disruptive pets may result in them being asked to to take them to a doggie motel or asked to leave without refund.
  • Drinking city tap water has caused some pets to have upset tummies. It may be a good idea to offer bottled water.

For your convenience, we have a hitching post just outside our office door. You are welcome to bring your pup inside, please let us know if we need to put our pup away. We understand that some personalities may clash and we are happy to accommodate all our guests.

We have a small office dog that may greet you at the door.

In case of severe weather or tornado,
please protect your pets. They are family too.
The bathroom hallway is the safest place in the middle office level. Close the bathroom doors and stay in the hallway.
Down the driveway is the garage/basement where we will seek shelter. While it is not an osha certified place, it is the lowest shelter. You are welcome to join us. Branson does not have a storm shelter.