Park Rules

Park Rules

1. Watch for Kids. 

2. Vehicles moving faster than 7 MPH will  be asked to park at the office.

3. NO CLIMBING, sitting, sliding, jumping, flipping ON or Off RETAINING WALLS.

4. Kids, come get your fun activity book.

5. Kids under 16 must be with an adult at all times within the park and facilities.

6. No wheeled: bikes, skateboards, scooters, skates, hover boards, etc.

7. Keep gravel & rocks where you found them. Leave all plants alone. All garbage is bagged and disposed of in our tightly sealed containers. We do have wildlife visit on occasion.

8. No clotheslines for laundry, beach towels and suits are ok.

9. No car, truck or RV washing.

10. No fireworks (except honeymooners).

11. No excessive noise beyond your site.

12. Quiet time & exterior lights out 10 PM to 8 AM.

13. Quiet in the restrooms 9 PM to 8 AM, people live directly over the restrooms.

14. All RV’s need a sewer gasket or tight fit connection.

15. We provide free internet and it’s good. But it can go out for a couple minutes from time to time. We reset it every morning. If you need strong, uninterrupted internet, please provide your own hot spot.

16. Streaming video games on our internet slows down the entire WiFi network. We have free cable and free DVDs to borrow at the office.

16. Report if wifi is slow or not working, we will reset.

17. Unscented laundry products only can be used in the laundry room. We have many brands available for you to use for free.  Washers are $2 a load, dryers are .25 cents for 7 minutes.  We also provide dryer balls to replace dryer sheets.  Please ask if you would like a couple drops of essential oils on your laundry balls.

18. No smoking in or near office building.

19. 1 Site= 1 Rv, 1 Car, 2 Adults, $3/additional adult. (1) 110, 30 or 50 AMP outlet. See office for more power.

20. Leave site cleaner than you found it. Don’t dump food, scraps, drippings, nut shells, etc. Leave no trace.

21. TIP: Storms blow in quickly without warning here and we don’t want wind or rain to cause damage. It’s advised to roll your awning up when not using it.

22. Register guests at office & get a parking pass & assigned parking.

23. No outdoor heaters / coolers. Fans are ok. Turn off while not in use.


1. Keep fire inside pit, off deck, 3 feet away from under awnings & limbs.
TIP: put awning away so somoke doesn’t roll inside when you open a door.

2. No firewood from outside the county. We don’t want your tree cooties.

3. Never leave fire unattended.

4. Extinguish completely with water.

5. Cover extinguished ashes with mesh lid, not over the fire as it will melt the mesh lid.

6. Do not dump ashes on site or in woods. We will collect the ashes.



1. You are the Super-Dooper-Pooper-Picker-Upper. Immediately Bag & tie deposits before placing in the trash bins.

EVERYWHERE: In campground, woods & neighboring area. $5 pile doubles with each poop left on the ground. Poop bags sold at the office.

2. No aggressive or uncontrollable pets. Any reasonable threat of aggression and you will be asked to leave without refund. Dog bites will be immediately reported.

3. Pets must be leashed and attached to a human at ALL times. Retractable leashes are allowed, however they must be under your control, not “hitched” with free roam.

4. Pet pens are allowed. Unattended pets outside your camper is not acceptable.

5. Keep pet out of other guest’s campsites.

6. Pets are not allowed in the restrooms or showers.

7. Barking will not disturb neighbors.

8. Check everyone for ticks Spring to Fall.

9. Don’t serve tap water, some have noticed it makes them sick.

Thank you for observing the rules, thus allowing all our campers to have a pleasurable experience!!!

Newbies, come get your handy-dandy camping tips and packing checklist.

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